Restaurant Road Trip

Restaurant Road Trip: Lesa's Place

GRAFTON, W.Va. - Tucked inside a building on the side of Route 50 just west of Grafton, Lesa's Place is a local gem that's earned a loyal and devoted following.  The restaurant celebrates WVU with its blue and gold theme, but it's the locals that make it feel close to home.

"We enjoy our customers, we try to interact with our customers, we know most of our customers by their first names.  They come in, we know what they want, and we try to get it ready for them.  We try to do a fast service at the same time as a good service," said long-time cook Scott Bitner.

That's no joke either; Bitner knows many of his customers so well that if he sees them coming in, their food order is on the grill before they make it inside.  He said it's that personal connection that makes the restaurant work.

"I always talk to the customers, find out how their day is going and everything like that.  I usually sing sometimes when I'm cooking, people enjoy that, some don't enjoy it," said Bitner.

However you might feel about the offer of dinner and a show, Lesa's Place does offer a great meal for a song, one that regulars say can't be beat anywhere.

"Prices are right, you can't beat it, the food's always good.  I've trucked in 48 states, and I've been to a lot of truck stops and restaurants, this one's my favorite, and it's close to home," said Taylor County resident Winston McKinney.

There's something for everyone from breakfast favorites to wraps and hot dogs.  Lesa's Place is open from 7-2 seven days a week, so if you'd like to try Lesa's Place for yourself, you can find it on Route 50 just west of the Fetterman Bridge out of Grafton.

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