BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) – This week’s Restaurant Road Trip was at Main Street Station in Bridgeport, which has been serving classic American foods for almost 30 years, but the name might be a little confusing.

With a name like “Main Street Station,” you would think the restaurant would be on, well, Main Street, but it’s actually on Railroad Street.

“We used to be. Dave and Karen Sander were the original owners and they owned it on Main Street Station,” Jaclyn Waugh said.

Main Street Station serves all the American foods you’d expect at any bar—burgers, hoagies, hotdogs, and, of course, pepperoni rolls. However, if you’re thinking you might need a few rolls to get full you’re probably wrong. These pepperoni rolls come like a sandwich with some extra peppers and cheese on top—definitely a full meal.

Another menu highlight is the station’s wings; they are served with a choice of one of 14 different sauces, including “death sauce.”

Waugh told 12 News that it’s called death sauce for a reason, “Because you definitely need a drink with it, that’s for sure.”

In addition to good food, if you’re looking for a place to throw some darts, play pool or hang out, Main Street Station has lots of summer activities to look forward to.

“We do birthday parties, we have poker runs that bring bikes in the summertime. We do cornhole tournaments on Thursdays, on our Thirsty Thursdays with $1.50 drafts,” said Waugh.

Owner Jodi Mullenax and her husband have been running the restaurant on Railroad Street for about 10 years and before that, her parents owned and operated it on Main Street for about 20. “We moved up here because of parking, and now we’ve had it here for about 10 years, my husband and I,” Mullenax said.

Main Street Station is located at 312 Railroad St. in Bridgeport