FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) – If you’ve ever wondered where you can get some homemade barbeque food, look no further than one of Fairmont’s newest restaurants, Mason Jar BBQ & More.

However, they’ve been in the BBQ business for some time.

Smoked meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans (WBOY Image)

“We actually started in Marion County, in a little place called ‘The Ridge’; it’s up on the county line. We started out with wings, hot dog sauce, pepperoni rolls, those type of things,” Steven Reese, the owner, said.

Bottom of the jar wings (WBOY Image)

Soon, Reese brought in a smoker and started on larger projects, before eventually opening his catering business, moving to its current Morgantown location, and most recently opening a second location in Fairmont.

Mason Jar BBQ & More (WBOY Image)

“The first couple of weeks was very busy. It was a little overwhelming,” Reese said. “I want to thank the public for being patient with us because we were trying to train new staff—front, back, everything. There was a couple days, there wasn’t a seat in the house.”

Fried pepperoni rolls (WBOY Image)

So, what makes Mason Jar BBQ & More so special?

“We like to involve our kitchen staff,” Reese said. “So, that’s the most unique thing about here. When we do our specials, we have our main menu, of course, that we designed, but we go to our staff, and they come up with specials. We started like a soup of the week now. So, they create those back there on their own, and they bring it to us, and we put it out for a week at a time.”

Meat grilling (WBOY Image)

Of course, though, we can’t forget about the BBQ.

“We have our prime rib special, it’s every Thursday, which is today. We’re really known for our wings is the way we started. Everybody talked about the Mason Jar wings, wings, wings, wings. We have ribs, we have brisket, we have pulled pork, smoked chicken. I mean, we do a variety of things,” Reese said.

Prime rib on the grill (WBOY Image)

With the new location in Fairmont, Mason Jar BBQ & More can also accommodate parties and gatherings either on the patio, which seats 20 to 25 people, or inside the restaurant. Anyone interested can reach out at 681-404-6650 or at its Facebook page here.

The patio space is available for anyone to use for parties or gatherings, holding around 20-25 people. (WBOY Image)

The restaurant also plans to move the catering business from the saloon in Morgantown to the Fairmont location.

If you’ve ever been to the saloon in Morgantown, the same drinks are offered at the Fairmont location in their famous Mason Jar glasses.

Reese said he’s happy to provide tasty food to people of the area in more of a restaurant setting.

“This is more of a family get-together here, and it’s been what we thought it was and more,” Reese said.

You can find Mason Jar BBQ at 502 Pennsylvania Ave in Fairmont. They are open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. throughout the week, until midnight on Friday and Saturday and closed on Wednesdays.

Mason Jar BBQ & More (WBOY Image)