MONONGAH, W.Va. (WBOY) – Driving through Farmington, people could recognize the iconic and giant Papa Joe’s Famous Meats sign, now, it has a new home.

Papa Joe’s Famous Meats moved its sign to Monongah in Marion County and also re-established its restaurant there on June 20 as a takeout restaurant and deli. Papa Joe’s Famous Meats, originally run by Papa Joe Manchin, debuted as a market back in 1969.

The history doesn’t just end there with Papa Joe’s Famous Meats. West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin is the grandson of Papa Joe.

Papa Joe’s Famous Meats building (WBOY – Image)

Moving down another branch in the family tree, Papa Joe’s great-grandson, and now, Papa Joe’s Famous Meats owner, John Aloi decided to carry on his great grandfather’s food legacy after discovering Papa Joe’s prominent sausage recipe this past December.

“I got my great grandfather’s recipe for sausage, so we started cooking it, we gave it away at Christmas. We made about 600 pounds, gave it to family and friends and everybody liked it,” Aloi said. “We thought why not open a business?”

Big Papa Sam sweet sausage sandwich (WBOY – Image)

Reopening and continuing his great-grandfather’s business was an easy move for Aloi after remembering all of his great memories associated with growing up around Papa Joe’s Famous Meats.

Aloi, a longtime chef, isn’t the only family member to help out at the new location. Aloi’s father and son are assisting him along with some other family members, which earns them a menu item named after them.

Speaking of the menu, it is full of mostly hand and homemade items, but their specialty is sausage. They have fresh-made Italian sausage that can be bought as one of their many meals or something packaged to take home to cook.

Each day, they have different daily specials on the menu such as pepperoni rolls, perogies, rigatoni and meatballs, pulled pork sandwiches, Italian subs and kielbasa. There are also cold deli meats, pasta salad and desserts for customers to buy as well.

Papa Joe’s Famous Meats deli selection (WBOY image)

Aloi recommends first-time customers try something made with sausage. He is more than pleased to cook anything a customer orders.

“My favorite thing to cook is what someone’s favorite thing is to eat. So, if you say pasta salad is my absolute favorite item then that’s what I want to make when you come in, ’cause I see the smile on people’s faces,” Aloi said.

While some may believe there is a secret ingredient to people loving Papa Joe’s Famous Meats’ food, Aloi just said the secret is that it is made with love and his great grandfather’s recipe.

Papa Joe’s Famous Meats can be found at 3349 Freedom Highway in Monongah. It’s open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.