REEDSVILLE, W.Va., – PC’s Pizza is a family-owned business; the Bolyard’s have owned it for 12 of those years.

PC’s stand for Preston County and has been in Reedsville for over 60 years. It is unique because they have an item on the menu called “PC’s creation”, which are unique pizzas.

“We have a pickled pizza which a lot of people enjoy. We have a Philly steak and cheese pizza,” described owner Greg Bolyard. “There’s like buffalo pizza. We got a whole menu of those, probably 14, 15 different pizzas that you just don’t find anywhere else.”

One of their most popular items is their Melvin’s. The Melvin is a giant sandwich made from pizza dough. It’s similar to a flatbread.

They not only sell pizza but also burgers, tacos, and more.

“We try to do a little bit of everything because not everybody wants pizza all the time,” said Bolyard.

This year they have added an outdoor pizza pavilion which Bolyard said is perfect because a lot of people enjoy being outside during the pandemic.

Bolyard considers his restaurant feels like you’re coming to a family dinner.

 “We made so many great relationships with people here in the community and so many of the people that come here are just like family and friends when they come in.”

They’ve added delivery, take-out, and curbside pickup. They are planning on adding more items onto their menu like deep-fried pizza rolls in the future.