MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Breakfast on wheels, that’s what the Prodigal Son Food Trailer offers all north central West Virginia. 

The menu gives a handful of options to grab a quick morning bite, including breakfast sandwiches, waffle sticks, biscuits and gravy and their own specialty sandwich “The Prodigal.”  

“It’s a pancake sandwich kind of deal with maple syrup infused in the pancake,” Edward Pillar, owner and founder of The prodigal Son Food Trailer said.  

Pillar has been running the trailer since June of 2021 after he quit his job at Ruby Memorial Hospital to pursue his passion for cooking.  

“I ended up taking a leap of faith and doing this food truck for my family because I wanted to be home with my kids more and I should have never looked back,” he said. “It’s been awesome.” 

The name was inspired by his Christianity and is a dedication to his father. 

“My dad was an owner of Ponderosa in Uniontown for 30 years … he started as a cook and me and my father grew up and I kind of just gained from him the knowledge,” Pillar said. 

The Prodigal Son Food Trailer (WBOY Image)

The Prodigal Son Food Trailer runs year-round and can go beyond just breakfast. The dinner and lunch menu offers some more signature dishes like waffle burgers, chicken and pulled pork waffle sandwiches, pasta and perogies. 

But, no matter what time of day, it is Pillar is serving it up homemade and with love.  

“This is my passion, I love it and you can taste it in the food whenever you taste it,” Pillar said.  

To find where The Prodigal Son Food Trailer will be next, visit their Facebook Page here.