MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – After years of contemplating the business move, West Virginia native Tyler Lalka opened up his mobile ice cream shop, Rolling Hills Rolled Ice Cream.   

Tyler Lalka adding whipped cream to his finished rolled ice cream (WBOY Image)

Inspired by videos online, Lalka taught himself the rolling required to get the perfect cup.  

The recipes themselves took several months and a lot of taste testing to get right. 

“It’s actually creamy it doesn’t have any of those emulsifiers that make it kind of sticky instead. So definitely, it’s quality,” Lalka said.   

The process starts with candy or cookies then a generous amount of their milk, cream base in either chocolate or vanilla. Then, the cold top gets to work at –4°F as Lalka chops, pushes and flattens the ingredients to get the proper consistency.  Then he adds more toppings – if preferred – before he rolls the ice cream.  

“If it sits too long it won’t roll. It’ll start flaking instead,” Lalka said. “If it doesn’t sit long enough it isn’t full ice cream, so it won’t roll either it just kind of pushes.”  

Lalka rolling the ice cream (WBOY Image)

Lalka only uses whole ingredients in his homemade bases to get a different taste than regular scooped ice cream.  

“So, with rolled ice cream it freezes very quick. So, whenever something freezes fast the ice crystals that form are smaller so it’s more cream you don’t get as much of that crunch,” Lalka said.   

Lalka revealed one of his secrets for his classic cookies and cream – he only uses double stuffed Oreos. 

Rolling Hills Rolled Ice Cream is available for any event. Early booking for summer events is best. But even in the wintertime, Lalka is rolling ice cream wherever people want a sweet treat since he can move his equipment indoors. 

“I think everybody liked it so far,” Lalka said. “It’s defiantly something different. It’s not just regular ice cream either. It’s homemade, it’s actual quality ice cream, and I think people just like watching it and seeing it.” 

Rolling Hills Rolled Ice Cream Logo (WBOY Image)

Lalka wants to keep quality over quantity. Instead of getting a storefront, he’s considering looking to get another trailer and keep his business small and on wheels. Lalka thanked his family and his girlfriend for helping start the business and said he couldn’t have done it without them. 

Booking can be done through the website or through Facebook, and you can find a list of this week’s Rolling Hills locations here.