Stefano’s is a family operated and owned restaurant in Morgantown that serves some recipes that the owner’s father used to cook for close family members and friends.

General Manager Christopher Breedan explains what else Stefano’s has to offer.

“It’s definitely an intimate setting, and we have a lot of our clientele that come in here that have been all over the United States as far as New York and Las Vegas and things of that nature. We have many of our clientele that continually come here to say that this is a setting that you wouldn’t think is beneath a bowling alley, it’s more of a setting that you walk in and you feel like you’re in New York City or somewhere out of this town,” Breedan said.

“Food ranges from Italian to American cuisine. We have fresh seafood that’s flown in daily. All of our steaks are well known. They’re very popular, they’re dry aged prime cuts. And then all of our pasta dishes are made in house too,” said Breedan. 

“As far as our fish goes, our halibut is one of the most popular. It’s been an item on our menu since we’ve opened in 2008 – served over a saffron risotto, saute of artichoke, tomato and crab meat, fresh crab meat,” Breedan said. 

Not only is the food fresh but the staff is passionate about what they do including Chef Teddy.

“Restaurants should also continue to grow whether it be with food or service as the times change. So we just try to keep pushing forward as much as Morgantown clientele will accept.”

Chef Teddy created some amazing dishes for WBOY’s Veronica Dolan to try. First, Chef Teddy made seared halibut over saffron risotto topped with saute of tomato, marinated artichoke and colossal crab. Next he prepared a pan roasted filet over smoked potato pure, white and green asparagus with saute lobster and green pea. The appetizer he prepared was a apple marinated scallop crudo.

Anyone that would like to try these dishes should visit Stefano’s at 735 Chestnut Ridge Road in Morgantown.