WHITE HALL, W.Va. (WBOY) — Sunnyvale Bar and Grill has only been open just shy of a month, but the business has been a long-time coming for owner Savannah Vincent.

“We’ve been working and constructing this since last March. We opened March 6 of this year. So, we haven’t been open very long, but it’s been in progress for a very long time,” Vincent said.

Vincent and her husband decided to open the restaurant to give their kids a better life and more flexibility for family time compared to their previous jobs.

The bar at Sunnyvale Bar and Grill (WBOY Image)

Something interesting about this restaurant though is where all the food comes from.

“Everything is local. Our meat comes from—all of our meats come from Hyde’s Meat Market,” Vincent said.

And for the chefs in the kitchen, they can tell the difference. “Absolutely. Especially the shaved beef that we get there. It’s real meat,” Virgil Smith, the restaurant’s opening chef, said. “You can see it, you can taste it, you can smell it. It’s night and day as far as I’m concerned.”

Steak hoagie (WBOY Image)

Smith said as long as the prices stay competitive, they will continue to source local products.

Now, what does the restaurant make with these local products?

“They definitely come in and ask for the steak hoagies or the dirty burger or the Juicy Lucy. All of the burgers are delicious,” Vincent said. “My favorite is the Juicy Lucy. I love hot stuff, it has pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, pickles. It’s just all around my favorite.”

Loaded nachos (WBOY Image)

These uniquely named items all come from one place: Trailer Park Boys.

“One of my favorite shows is The Trailer Park Boys. All of the items, most of the items are named after characters that I love on the show,” Vincent said. “So, the Juicy Lucy is Lucy from the show, obviously.”

It’s easy to see Vincent’s love for the show and the restaurant on White Hall Boulevard from a mural outside.

Sunnyvale Bar and Grill mural (WBOY Image)

“I had the idea, and I reached out to local artists. He did that free-handed with just spray paint,” Vincent said.

Being so new, the restaurant already has plans to expand its options with a fryer.

“It seems like cheese fries are a big hit in this atmosphere. So, I think some cheese fries would be great to have,” Smith said.

“And we’re going to hopefully start cooking some deep-fried stuff. Everyone will see wings, deep fried foods. So that will be great as well,” Vincent said.