MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — Super Red Bowl is fairly new to Morgantown, being established in September of 2021 in the Pierpont Centre right off of I-68.

The owner, May, moved to Morgantown from Martinsburg West Virginia, where she had already established another restaurant. Though Super Red Bowl is different from the rest, providing you with two important factors that everyone looks for when going out to eat.

Sushi and Crab Rangoons provided by Super Red Bowl

12 News spoke with Ryan Bollinger, a server at Super Red Bowl, about what drives customers into the restaurant, “both the portion size and the price. Our bowls are actually really massive. Normally, I would say nine times out of ten someone can’t finish a full bowl. So basically, it’s our portion size as well as our price, because our price is pretty low for the amount of food that you would get.”

A close up of Super Red Bowl’s Poke Bowl.

The portion size, the price, and the presentation are all beyond expectations at Super Red Bowl, giving West Virginians a great taste of a different culture here in the state. Super Red Bowl has also become notable for its in-house yum-yum sauce, a secret that May holds close to her heart. Almost as close as their customers seeing super red bowl’s growth over the last year and a half.

“We have a lot of regulars as well as a lot of new faces, as well as a lot of people traveling throughout the highway, which we’re getting a lot more and more people on and it’s just constant flow of people. People love coming in here, the atmosphere is great, the owners are very helpful, they’re very kind. They know faces, they remember faces so if you come in here two times, they’ll treat you kind of like family so it’s really nice here.”

Dragon Fingers, a special appetizer at Super Red Bowl.

Even though the choice is really yours with Super Red Bowl’s build your own hibachi bar, the staff here are always more than happy to help you with your decision-making, and, with so many options, you may just need a little help.

Serving a little bit of everything, Super Red Bowl also features dessert items like fried cheesecake, mochi ice cream, and a variety of boba tea flavors to suit your sweet tooth as well.