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Taqueria Lou Lou is a newly established restaurant here in the heart of Clarksburg. It is the perfect place for you to come in with your family and friends and sit down to an authentic Mexican meal.

“We’re super Mom and Pop, were not afraid to sit down with you and talk with you. If you have questions about the food, a lot of people when they come in they don’t know what this food is. So, were happy to explain it to them and find them something they’re going to like instead of them being scared of what they’re going to eat,” said co-owner Lindsey Fonseca. 

Owners say the dishes served at the restaurant closely resemble what you would find in a Spanish Country.

“A lot people when they first see our menu they’re very confused, cause I think they’re expecting a little more like Taco Bell, but we actually have the real authentic stuff. A lot of people are curious about the beef tongue that we have and they get a little squirmish about it,” said co-owner Lindsey Fonseca. 

The chef tries to keep the menu simple, using a combination of local and Mexican ingredients. 

“Make it more simple, you know, don’t try to be so fancy, you know, be real. Be what you can get in any corner or Mexican street. We get some from local business cause we try to support everyone around here, like the jobs too, we try to give jobs to people around,” said co-owner Federico Fonseca. 

With portions set to fill you up, Guests who visit the restaurant can expect fast service and hot meals.  

“We are not fast food but at the same time I don’t want anybody to be waiting. want to go in and out in 15 minutes and come out with my belly full,” said Federico Fonseca, co-owner. 

“Taqueria Lou Lou is home to the famous, largest margeriata in Clarksburg. Now that pairs perfectly with your Torta sandwich and also with the various tacos that they offer one option being beef tongue. Now while a lot of guests are afraid to try this, I’ve actual enjoyed it so far. It’s pretty good. Reporting in Clarksburg for 12 news, I’m Atyia Collins.

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