Restaurant Road Trip: The Cox Roosevelt Inn

Restaurant Road Trip

If you’re not afraid to test your palette, you’ll enjoy this intimate dining experience that offers an eight course meal and one on one time with the chef.

“It’s just me and very small groups of people. It ends up being very close, sorta personal,” said Bill Bjorkman, owner and Chef of The Cox Roosevelt Inn.

While there is no menu the chef explains that a wide variety of food is served so there’s bound to be something you like. People have come as far as India, Switzerland, and even Japan to enjoy the unique dining experience. Our visit featured the spicy lamb meatball.

 “It has a little bit of everything in it some cumin some turmeric… and red pepper flakes and some breadcrumbs, some egg. Pretty simple. Then you serve it on a bed of lemon yogurt with basil pesto sauce,” said Bjorkman. “Some people are here for five or six hours for dinner. Some people spent the night. Mostly because they drank to much or stayed too late.”

If you happen to be a person that succumbs to their senses and overindulges, a guest house is available to spend the night

“I built a little stone house in the back, on the other side of the pond. And my friend said you can rent this out on Air B&B. Last week it was rented forty-six weeks out of fifty-two. Most people are from the city and they think this is really way out in the country. They’ve never been around farm animals. Sometimes they worry about the frogs making noises. They hear the neighbors cows, they don’t know what that is,” said Bjorkman.

We also got an exclusive look at the wine bar the owner designed and built along with a maze that is across from the building.The wine bar is not open yet, but is set to be opened to the public every Thursday and rented out for events on Saturdays.

I’m here at The Cox Roosevelt Inn in Reedsville with Bill’s spicy lamb, basil pesto and lemon yogurt. I’m gonna saddle up here and try these lamb meatballs for the very first time. For this weeks Restaurant Road Trip, I’m Veronica Dolan.

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