BUCKHANNON, W.Va. (WBOY) — If you ask most people where their favorite spot is for donuts or pepperoni rolls, odds are The Donut Spot would pop up in a few answers. In fact, workers say the food is so good that people even want their favorites there sent to them in an unconventional way.

“We get people that want us to mail them pepperoni rolls and donuts and stuff,” The Donut Spot Manager Lilly Blagg said.

The Donut Spot Pepperoni Roll (WBOY – Image)

With West Virginia known for its pepperoni rolls, it of course leads to a comparison of the delicacy.

“I’m kind of a pepperoni roll aficionado and I’ve had them all over the state, there’s none better than (in) Buckhannon, West Virginia,” Par Mar Stores Community Relations Director Dave Allen said.

There was a major concern that people would be losing their favorite pepperoni rolls and donuts as The Donut Shop was announced to be closing late in 2022. However, Par Mar Stores swooped in to save the day and take over as the store’s operator after much of the public tried to keep the restaurant open and at its location at 51 North Locust Street.

“Par Mar was our saving grace,” Blagg said. “When we opened back up, everyone was just elated to have it open and glad that it stayed open.”

“We realized how important that this truly was for the Buckhannon area and this part of West Virginia, we just couldn’t let it go away,” Allen added. “We had to do what we could to save it.”

Donuts from The Donut Spot (WBOY – Image)

People didn’t have to worry about any major changes, other than the name change, as the workers, recipes and 24/7 operating hours are all the same.

“We have people that will come in and visit the area that live in the Carolinas or up north somewhere and they come in and they say this is just as good as it ever was,” Allen said.

There are some slight changes though as the restaurant added ice cream, specialty coffees and is looking to add a donut flavor of the month.

“We’re going to do lemon cake, peaches and cream, salted caramel,” The Donut Spot worker Brenda McCormick said. “We’re growing. We keep expanding.”