FAIRVIEW, W.Va. – They say when one door closes, another one opens. And, that’s exactly how Michelle Clevenger, the owner of The Fairview Diner and Bakery, started the journey of opening the restaurant.

“I actually worked for Mylan. I was part of the first round of lay-offs, and as part of that when I got laid off, I was able to go to school.”

Michelle Clevenger, Owner of The Fairview Diner and Bakery

Clevenger had been baking for 10 years, but she decided to go to Pierpont Technical College for culinary art, and graduated in November.

A customer enjoys their burger at The Fairview Diner and Bakery

She and her husband then opened the diner in Jan. 2021 and later found out she had connections to the building itself.

My husband’s great-great-grandfather actually built this building,” said Clevenger.

Pulled pork hash, offered by The Fairview Diner and Bakery

The diner is a breakfast, lunch and dinner facility, offering delicious home-style food, as well as having a full-time baker on board, who makes cakes, pies and other pastries.

“I’d say that probably our best seller is our steak hoagie. We also have things that most people don’t have. We have a pulled pork hash for breakfast. It can be done all day.”

Grilled chicken salad, topped with french fries, offered by The Fairview Diner and Bakery

Clevenger also likes to put her culinary degree to work, by making as many food items as possible from scratch.

“We are not your typical freezer to fryer establishment. We are someplace that cooks as much from scratch as we can.”

Various pastries, including cheesecake bites, sit behind a glass case

And, according to Clevenger, customers can see the difference.

“Everybody has been super pleased,” said Clevenger. “We are a small-town diner, but we strive to be a destination place. Yesterday, actually, we had someone that came from Washington PA because they’d heard such great things about us.”

You can dine at the Fairview Diner and Bakery at 4418 Crossroads Road in Fairview, West Virginia.