KINGWOOD, W.Va. (WBOY) – The Hitching Post Steakhouse and Saloon serves up savory, scrumptious and special food. The restaurant, located at 17600 Veterans Memorial Highway in Kingwood, opened around three years ago.

Owner Beth Peddicord runs the restaurant with her son Hunter.

“My husband really wanted to build something to give back to the community, and so this was his vision and we kind of just came together as his wife and son to do it with him,” Peddicord said.

As a steakhouse, it is an easy guess to know what the restaurant specializes in and what Peddicord would recommend.

The Hitching Post Steakhouse and Saloon Steaks (WBOY – Image)

“Any of the steaks, we have amazing primed aged, they are no less than 35 days, no one has that in Preston County,” Peddicord said.

Some of those steaks include sirloins, filet mignon, tomahawk, New York strip, ribeye and elk medallion. 12 News reporter Riley Holsinger said the elk medallion was his personal favorite as it is drizzled with blackberry red wine sauce, but all of the other steaks were fantastic as well!

Don’t worry if steak isn’t your favorite food; they also have a lot of other options on the menu, including burgers, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, wings and salads.

If Kingwood is a little bit of a too far drive for you to do as a day trip, don’t worry. You could always stay overnight in the Appalachian Hotel, which is owned by Peddicord and attached to the restaurant, and spend a whole day in Preston County and do an outdoor activity or visit the Hovatter’s Zoo.

The hotel isn’t the only accommodation the restaurant has with it. There is also an arcade room, bar and golf simulator that makes you feel as if you were playing on the PGA Tour.

The Hitching Post Steakhouse and Salon has multiple themed nights throughout the week, like Ladies Night, Crab Night and Wing Night and an overall “comfortable” atmosphere, according to Peddicord.

“It’s very relaxing here, you don’t have the drama here and stuff,” Peddicord said. “[Customers] just feel comfortable, you can get a really good meal, relax, and the people, we’re really nice people here in Preston County.”

The restaurant is open Wednesday through Saturdays from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. The bar stays open a little bit later.