CASS, W.Va. – The Last Run Restaurant sits on the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park beside the railroad station.

It’s owned by three sisters Bonnie, Diana and Jenny, who started a catering business 26 years ago called Blue Roof Caterers. From that business, they got an opportunity to open a restaurant.

“‘We’ll just do it one year.’ I’m like ‘are you sure?’ She’s like ‘yeah, we’ll try it for one year’, and that’s been twenty years ago now,” said Jenny Botkin, Co-owner of Last Run Restaurant.

The building was built in 1902 and still holds on to local history. The restaurant sits between The Train Museum and The Company Store, where the Last Run Restaurant runs a soda fountain and ice cream bar.

The Cass Soda Fountain is run by The Last Run Restaurant.

“The wood on the floor was milled here, it come from Cheat Mountain,” said Botkin.

Business is slower in the wintertime, so they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, but in the summer, when the trains start running again, they open back up to seven days a week.

“We have a rush before the trains, and we have a rush when they come back in,” said Botkin.

Decorations on the walls date back to the 1960s. One item, a wood chopping contest sign, is claimed to have taken place when a man was 15; he is now 78.

The Last Run Restaurant is near the Cass Scenic Railroad Station at 12369 Cass Rd, Cass, WV 24927. You can contact them at (304) 456-9952.