BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — For this week’s stop on our Restaurant Road Trip segment, we’re stopping at a food truck that travels across north-central W.Va., but mainly sets up in Harrison county, the Lunchbox. Husband and wife duo Rachael and Julius Herrera started the food truck business back in October 2020, as a way to spend more time together

“We both are really passionate about food and love to cook and wanted to utilize our talents to open up a business and serve our community,” said Rachel. “It’s been pretty successful so far and we’re happy to just spend time together and provide our community with good food.”

Although they started their food truck business during the pandemic, Rachael said she believes it actually has been a benefit. She said, “With COVID and everything that’s happened recently, it’s a safe way for people to come out and enjoy food if they want to socially distance, too.”

The Lunchbox sells a variety of food items on its menu. Rachael said they are trying to bring different things to the area that they know people will enjoy. 

Rachael said, “Every time someone asks ‘What kind of food do you guys make?’ I always say, ‘I make what I would like to eat.’ We just take what we want to make and try to do it really well and perfect it.” 

She explained what some top sellers on their menu are, “We do tacos, rice bowls, our smash burgers are a really big hit and our Philipino egg rolls. They are actually passed down from Julius’ grandma, the recipe, she’s from the Philippines,” added Rachael. 

Rachael spends time rolling anywhere from 100-150 egg rolls to prepare for a busy day. She said, “I could honestly do more, I just don’t have the space to store it all on the truck. And we can sell out within an hour, it’s crazy.”

The community has welcomed The Lunchbox with open arms. Rachael was born and raised in Bridgeport. She attended Pierpont and has a culinary degree and for the past decade has been working in local restaurants. 

She said sometime in the future, they may open another food truck and keep it more in the Morgantown area

Her real dream – would be to open a restaurant, “Or I would love to have a small restaurant someday. I’ve always wanted that. We’ll just have to see. Hopefully, things will keep going the way that they’ve been going.”

She said they often set up in White Oaks but are also at the Bridgeport Farmers Market every Sunday through October.

To keep up with The Lunchbox food truck, you can follow them on their Facebook page: