FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Ronnie Bosley is no stranger to the restaurant scene. He’s been cooking food for about 10 years and learned his skills thanks to a chef at a local restaurant.

But, Bosley wanted to open a place of his own.

Pre-made sandwiches fill the front case at Uncle Ronnie’s Sandwich Shop. (WBOY Image)

“I was looking for a place for a while and was in a food truck last year. I’ve really wanted a brick-and-mortar place,” said Bosley.

An Italian sausage sandwich at Uncle Ronnie’s Sandwich Shop (WBOY Image)

Bosley’s friend found out that a building around downtown Fairmont was about to become vacant, and Bosley jumped on the occasionopening Uncle Ronnie’s Sandwich Shop in January.

The shop sells exactly what’s in the namesandwiches.

However, the naming of each item is unique; some of the sandwiches are named for people who are important in Bosley’s life.

“You’ll see some names on the sandwiches. These names are very special guys to me. They’re like brothers. You can’t buy friendship like that,” said Bosley. “These guys are great guys.”

“The Willie” or an Italian sub at Uncle Ronnie’s Sandwich Shop. (WBOY Image)

So, what are some of those sandwiches?

“Some of our most popular are our Willie, which is our Italian sub. We sell a lot of those. We have a white pizza grilled cheese that’s kind of unique, and we sell a lot of our Italian sausage sandwiches and hoagies. Everything is made fresh. Nothing sits around. Everything is made to order,” said Bosley.

White pizza grilled cheese at Uncle Ronnie’s Sandwich Shop (WBOY Image)

Bosley said that all of the sandwiches have been a huge hit with patrons stopping by to try them.

“I love to look out and see people just go…they just got that look of love on it, and you come back and you ask them, you say, ‘how was everything?’, and they’re like, ‘fantastic, I’ll see you again,'” said Bosley.

The feeling of getting the food right is something Bosley can’t even put into words.

“It’s overwhelming sometimes, the feeling you get. It’s just so great to know that you can put a smile on someone’s face and make them just…I don’t know, like, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them,” said Bosley.

You can find Uncle Ronnie’s Sandwich Shop at 91 Fairmont Ave. in Fairmont. They’re open Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.