NORTON, W.Va. – Jeff’s Ultimate Grill is an outdoor seating restaurant just off of Rt. 33 that offers a variety of burgers, desserts and other diner-type food. It’s located near Norton just outside of Elkins.

Since there is no indoor seating, in the winter customers take food home with them or eat in their car. The warm weather seems to bring out more customers.

“During the summer we are busy, we are really busy. It’s not uncommon for all six picnic tables to be full,” said the owner Jeff Strahin.

Strahin created challenges for his customers, and they can earn rewards for finishing the special food items. First, is the Cardiac Arrest Burger, which has five patties, five pieces of cheese, ten pieces of bacon–30 ounces of burger weight before cooking.

“I believe I’ve sold around 20-25 of them, I have only given out one gift certificate, so it’s quite the challenge, if you’re up for it, then come one I’d be glad to make it for you,” said Strahin.

The second challenge is the Dragon Burger, which has two of the world’s hottest peppers, and Strahin’s homemade hot sauce.

“It’s really, really intense. It’s really intense and if you can eat that, at the end, you’re definitely going to need something cold, so we offer you a free ice cream cone,” said Strahin.

Jeff’s Ultimate Grill has at least three flavors of homemade cheesecake to choose from each day. Strahin tries to create different flavors of cheesecake often. Flavors vary from different candies, fruits and cereals. He also takes orders for full cheesecakes from customers who want to take them home for an occasion.

“I’ve been baking for a lot of years, and I’ve been cooking for a lot of years and that’s one thing I take pride in is that cheesecake,” said Strahin.

Inflation has caused the price of meat to rise, but Strahin said he won’t let that change his routine. In comparison to the prices when he first opened the grill, he said he doesn’t make money off of everything.

“We have to continue to provide fresh burgers, that’s our goal, I will never serve a frozen burger,” said Strahin, he said he has kept his prices low to keep his customers. “It’s not about always making the money, it’s about being able to give the customer a good money’s worth. Treat them right and they’ll keep coming back to ya,” he continued.

Jeff Strahin is from Elkins, and sees familiar faces come to enjoy the food and support is businesses often.

“Every burger is made the same right now as it was the day that I opened, and again we cook orders fresh, so sometimes it may take a few minutes to get your order, but you know whenever you get your order it’s going to be freshly made.”

Jeff’s Ultimate Grill is closed on Sundays, but will increase hours once the weather warms up.