When I was a child, it never failed. I always bought my grandfather a flashlight for Christmas! So if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for someone special, the Atomic Beam may be for you!

It does not come with batteries, so we put three AAA batteries in there. The Atomic Beam claims to be 40 times brighter than an average flashlight, so we tried it against another LED flashlight. When looking at their glow side-by-side, the Atomic Beam was much brighter.

Next was the destructibility test. I threw it on the ground several times and threw it up in the air. It was solid. It held up really well.

Finally, I dropped it into a bowl of water. It stayed lit and worked just fine once we dried it off. It’s interesting because it’s actually described as “water resistant” on the packaging, but I feel, because we submerged it in the water, that it’s waterproof, to some degree. 

Overall, my photographer and I are really excited about this product. The only thing I would question is the battery life and how brightly it’ll shine for how long, but I would give the Atomic Beam glowing reviews. It costs $19.99.