WBOY’s Lauren Talotta reviewed this product. Below are her thoughts and opinions.

Spring is fast approaching – and along with it – spring cleaning! The Clean Reach claims that its touch-free cleaning and versatile design make every corner of your bathroom easy to reach.

At first glance, we weren’t very impressed by this apparent “sponge on a stick” but were willing to give it a go. The first thing we noticed when opening the package was that it comes with two replacement pads; definitely a plus for those of us who like to replace sponges very often.

Assembling the product was pretty easy, but then it was time to put it to the test! I purposely made sure that the bathtub was not the cleanest beforehand so that we could see if the Clean Reach was up for the task.

After spraying down the tub with a simple bathroom cleaner and putting in some elbow grease, the bottom of the tub was pretty clean! We had a few “connection” issues, if you will, keeping the product extended to the max, but using it at normal length was quite effective. However, it didn’t get into the creases and crevasses as much as we’d have liked.

For me, I think the big thing to consider here is the price. The Clean Reach is only $9.99, while other shower and tub cleaners we’ve used in the past run upwards of $30. It’s definitely not as sophisticated as those, but if you’re looking for a relatively cheap product that extends while doing some light to medium cleaning, the Clean Reach is *within* reach of your budget.