The rain might not do much for your hair, but this week’s Test it Tuesday product could help you retain volume and style. The Click N Curl is a blowout brush set with detachable barrels that claims to be a game-changer. But is salon-quality hair just a “click” away?

We went to Nico Spalon to try out the Click N Curl – one of stylist Josh McCoy’s favorite products! 

“It’s ceramic, so it’s going to add shine to the hair. It’s going to smooth it down, and with ceramic, it actually heats up fast and cools down fast,” said McCoy.

“So you pop it in, and once you get it rolled in there, you actually pop the handle off. Being that it has the nylon bristles, it’s going to lock itself in there, so when you put it in, you give it a little shake, and it’s going to lock itself in,” said McCoy.

Josh is going to try the Click N Curl on sports anchor Natalie Kalibat. She’s been going to Josh for about a year now, so we’re all very excited to try this product! The first thing that Josh is going to do is wash Natalie’s hair!

“So we’ve got her hair about 85-90 percent dry, so here’s where you can go in and section the hair off and put the round brush in. You want to put it in, roll it down, so that the hair is coming straight out from the head,” said McCoy. “We used the root boost, a heat protectant, and a bodifying mousse.”

“Let the rollers cool for 10-15 minutes, if you have that amount of time, and then put a little finishing spray on it. Pull it out, smooth it out, and style as desired,” said McCoy.

In the end, Natalie’s hair looked absolutely gorgeous!

“This is a product that’s so easy if you’ve got five minutes. You can just pop them in, be on your way to work. If you want to spend a little more time and dry it, you can, but if not, let them dry in there because they are vented. It’s good for every woman – the woman on the go, the woman who has a little more time – but also, for every hair type as well,” said McCoy.

You can buy a Click N Curl set for $39.99 on Amazon.