Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and some families may be frying up their favorite foods! Does this week’s Test It Tuesday product, the Copper Crisper, get a gold star in our book?

One of WBOY photographer Allen Clayton’s many talents is cooking french fries! He used to work at fast food restaurants and made lots of french fries!

“We stuck them in the fryer basket and dipped them in the hot grease and let them fry in the grease,” said Clayton. “I think they tasted alright, bringing them out of the grease.”

This product does claim that it will get you that fry crispiness without the grease!  When I asked Allen about his initial impressions of the Copper Crisper, he said, “I want to see what the air fryer will do when you bring it out of the air fryer and the oven. It looks like it’s a durable product. I want to see if putting it in the oven does get it crispy enough that it has that snap to it.”

I intentionally purchased the extra crispy, fast-food fries, so we hoped for the best. Allen put half of the fries on the baking sheet and half in the Copper Crisper. Interestingly, the cookie sheet actually got the fries crisper than the copper pan. Then we tried the same thing with wings.

“The wings turned out really good, I think. They got heated on the inside and outside. They weren’t as crispy as I was expecting them to be, but they stuck on the cookie sheet, even though we had oil on it,” said Clayton. “The pan did not, so that was interesting to see that the pan did not stick and the cookie sheet did.”

When it came to the copper pan’s size…

“I thought the pan was a little small compared to the cookie sheet. Size does matter in this case. I think the pan could be a little bigger,” said Clayton. “Overall, it’s a product I would recommend, but I would probably increase my cooking times a little bit, depending on the product that I was cooking.”

The Copper Crisper costs $19.99.