FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — With Thanksgiving just about a month away, 12 News’ Makayla Schindler is using this week’s product to put together her favorite dish, deviled eggs.

Promotional material for the “Eggstractor” said that the product can peel hard-boiled eggs ten times faster and easier than normal.

To help test the Eggstractor, Schindler contacted Pierpont Community and Technical College’s Culinary Academy Program Coordinator, Natalie Feltz.

To use the Eggstractor, hit the air cell of the egg on the sharp part of the contraption, place the egg in the hole, place the accordion piece on top and press down. At this point, the pressure from the Eggstractor is supposed to force the air to separate the shell from the egg and propel the egg through the bottom of the device, perfectly de-shelled.

Eggstractor from https://www.asseenontvlive.com/ (WBOY Image)

To begin the experiment Feltz and Schindler used Martha Stewart’s method to boil all of their eggs the same way. While the eggs were cooling in ice-cold water, the two made predictions about whether or not the Eggstractor would work.

Schindler had hope for the product while Feltz said, “I think it might peel the eggs but I just don’t know how beautiful they will be after they’re peeled. If we’re making deviled eggs, we want a nice surface on the egg.”

Schindler used the Eggstractor while Feltz decided that she would use her usual technique of de-shelling eggs by cracking the air pocket of the egg with a spoon which helped her get under the skin to peel it. To make it more fun, they both raced with the same amount of eggs and their own systems.

Feltz ended up peeling one of Schindler’s eggs and finished a while before her. It seemed to Schindler that the shells were just falling off of Feltz’s eggs, while the Eggstractor just cracked and shattered the shell without actually peeling the eggs, leaving Schindler to peel all of her eggs by hand anyway.

Feltz said that she knew from the beginning how this would turn out.

“I didn’t like the accordion-looking contraption, I just figured once you – and I didn’t even know how it worked, I just figured once you like – pushed down on it, it was going to smash the egg,” she said.

It is safe to say that the Eggstractor did not work for this edition of Test it Tuesday. However, the pair used extra large eggs, which may have been too large for the Eggstractor to peel properly.

If you try this product out and have better luck than us, we’d love to hear from you and what you did to make it work! Send your Eggstractor results to us at news@wboy.com.