WBOY’s Lauren Talotta reviewed this product. Below are her thoughts and opinions.

Spring is fast approaching, which means it’s almost time for your dog or cat to shed its winter coat!   The Hurricane Fur Wizard claims be a “wiz” at cleaning up that furry mess.

To try out the Hurricane Fur Wizard, we enlisted the help of Camden, a 9-month-old black lab, and Puffins the Cat! They both love to lounge on the couch and always leave plenty of fur behind.

We found lots of coarse, black fur on the gray side of the blanket, courtesy of Miss Camden. We tried the Fur Wizard on that side first. Initially, we thought it picked up the fur pretty well until we used an actual lint brush after it and saw what the Fur Wizard missed.

Then it was time for Puffins! She sheds constantly, so we knew that there’d be tons of white fur to pick up on the black side of the blanket. It picked up all of Puff’s fur with no issue

Overall, the success of the Hurricane Fur Wizard all depends on the texture your animal’s fur. The product failed to pick up all of Camden’s coarse black fur, which is a lot thinner than Puffins’ thick fluffy coat. The ‘Self-Cleaning Base’ worked relatively well. The micro bristles did remove the fur from the brush, but you kind of had to dig it out of the tunnel instead of it collecting at the bottom.

This product costs $19.99 and could be worth the money if your pet’s fur adheres to the fabric.