WBOY’s Lauren Talotta reviewed The Square Dance Pan. Below are her thoughts and opinions.

This week, we tried out another As Seen On TV product in the Red Copper line! The Square Dance Pan claims that its no-stick surface and depth will help you to create a variety of dishes, but will this product make us want to dance? 

We are back in the kitchen with the one-and-only Kathryn Ghion. If you guys remember, first we made mac and cheese, then we made Veggetti! This week is Buffalo Chicken Sliders!

“It’s a little less healthy than our last recipe, but I’m always looking for new ones. My husband is the more creative cook,” said Ghion. “I feel like if you have to bake something or whatever, it would hold up. My only concern is it’s a little bit small, so if you’re making sliders or something for a lot of people, I’m interested to see how many fit in there.”

So as Kathryn prepared all of the ingredients, I noticed something about this pan. It’s ‘Induction Ready.’ I’m personally very excited about that. As somebody who has used this stovetop on numerous Test It Tuesday shoots, it’s kind of hard to find a pan that actually works with our stovetop.

Kathryn read the recipe’s instructions: “Combine chicken, cream cheese, and hot pepper sauce and stir to blend. Spread the chicken mixture over the rolls.”

Then we put it in the oven, baked the sliders for 12 minutes, let them cool, and enjoyed!

“The recipe was delicious, first of all, but the pan actually worked really well,” said Ghion. “Everything slid right out of it. My only criticism was it was difficult to get all 12 of the little rolls into the pan, and if you’re cooking for a bunch, you’d have to make it twice or have two pans.”

This pan costs $19.99. I asked Kathryn if it’s something she’d purchase.

“Yeah, I think so. That seems kind of average for a good pan. If you’re going to use it every day, if you don’t have a lot of cook wear at your house, it seems like it would be a good one  for someone who doesn’t have a lot because it is so versatile,” said Ghion.