WBOY’s Lauren Talotta reviewed Sock Slider. Below are her thoughts and opinions.

For many people, putting on socks is a struggle. Maybe you have a bad back, or you suffered a recent injury. This week’s Test it Tuesday item, the Sock Slider, claims to make this task easier!

We took a trip to Bridgeport Physical Therapy and met with patient Sherry Kyle, who helped us try out the product!

“I irritated a disc. It was probably about a week ago. I didn’t know it until Sunday because  I had a hard time moving,” said Kyle. “It’s unique and different. I think that it would help my dad. He has a hard time getting his socks on.”

But we didn’t get off to the best start. First, we struggled to put it together.

“It took awhile to do that. Then, I was able to get the sock on the base with a little bit of struggle and difficulty,” said Kyle.

Then, we tried three separate socks and each time…

“I was only able to get my foot in halfway,” said Kyle.

It was clear to us that this would probably not be the easiest task for anyone who is weak or recovering from an injury.

“No, it would not be, especially if you’re not flexible with your lower body. I could see where you could have a very, very difficult time,” said Kyle.

I asked Sherry if she’d still recommend this product to her dad.

“No. It just didn’t work, and I know he would not be satisfied,” said Kyle.

The Sock Slider costs $19.99.