We’re getting into the Christmas spirit for this week’s Test It Tuesday to see if the Star Shower Slide Show shines brighter than your holiday lights!

We’re kicking it up a notch from two years ago when we tried the original Star Shower. If you recall, that device illuminates houses with red and green lights. This one takes it to the next level, so hopefully, it will make this house just as beautiful as the last.

The nice thing about this product is it does give you the option to use it indoors or outdoors. You would use the flat base indoors, but we tried it outdoors using the lawn stake.

Per the instructions, we initially decided to set up the Star Shower Slideshow about 20 feet away from the house so it would cover more of the surface. We soon realized that this was not ideal for a single-story ranch, so we moved it a little closer.

Once we set it up in its new location, the Star Shower Slide Show brightly and clearly projected the images. It includes lots of slides featuring different designs for a variety of holidays.

We saw a beautiful holiday display of gifts, snowflakes — perfect for any holiday celebration! But I did have a few issues with this product.

The display only took up about seven or eight of this entire house. This is a ranch-style house, and it probably sits about 70 feet long, so in order for this to look good, you probably have to buy at least six or seven of these products to fit the span of the house. That being said, the farther back we put the Star Shower, the higher and wider the display spreads, so in theory, this might look a little bit better on a two-story home.

It is important to note that this product does cost $29.99, so I probably wouldn’t waste the money only on a single unit. However, if you are able to afford multiple units to light up your entire home, this could be the trick to cutting your holiday decorating time in half!