The Better Sponge claims to get all of the grime and leftover food off your dishes while cleaning hard-to-reach spots. But will it “outscrub” the competition?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I am the type of person who is grossed out by traditional sponges. I usually only use them a few times, and then throw them away, so in theory, maybe this product is made for people like me.

The package was kind of hard to open, but we did it! Right off the bat, I noticed that there were three different sponges included, so one of them was bound to work.

The first test we wanted to try out was on the dry sink. We wanted to see if the sponge would suction to the side of the sink. That went off without a hitch!

Test #2 – we are going to see how well the sponge will clean a casserole dish. It had some caked on cheese and salsa, so we put it in some hot water and scrubbed away! That was also a success.

The Better Sponge claims to be able to reach deep into very narrow glasses. It really formed to the glass and cleaned them flawlessly.

My review of the Better Sponge is, overall, pretty positive. It got the casserole dish very clean, as well as the glasses. But I do have my reservations. There is still food residue stuck in the bristles.

The price tag is $14.99. I’m not sure how much the average person would spend on sponges. It seems a little bit steep, but if they hold up, it might be worth the price. This is definitely one that we will revisit in the future to see how well they hold up, so stay tuned for a Re-Test It Tuesday!