WBOY’s Lauren Talotta reviewed this product. Below are her thoughts and opinions.

Tuesday’s beautiful weather might make you want to pop a bottle of wine, and this week’s Test It Tuesday item could make that task a little easier. But will we be “raising a glass” to the Vino Pop?

To find out, we enlisted the help of  J.B. Lambert. He is from Lambert’s Winery in Lewis County.

“We usually use a traditional corkscrew. But we also use what we have here for sale – it’s called Cork Pop. It has a pneumatic cylinder that builds up pressure between the cork, the fluid, or the wine – pushing the cork out. I see this has the same aspect, and I think that it will work,” said Lambert.

The Vino Pop Wine Lover’s Kit included several components: a wine opener, bottle top aerator, foil cutter, vacuum sealer, and storage bag. Lambert told us what each one is used for.

“The foil cutter has little wheels here that you pinch down on the very top of the bottle,” said Lambert. “It exposes the cork.”

Once we got the foil off successfully, it was time to attempt to open the bottle of wine.

“I believe we insert the needle straight down, give it a few pumps, let’s see what happens.”

It popped right open!

“This is the aerator, which allows oxygen to flow around the wine, bringing the flavors out. We don’t want it to sour or go bad, so this little apparatus actually goes down into the bottle and it extracts/pulls the oxygen away from the wine,” said Lambert.

It seemed to me like everything went pretty well. Lambert’s Winery sells a similar product, so I asked Lambert to compare the two.

“The needles are very much the same, but ours is not manual. It actually has a cylinder here that simply builds up the pressure between the wine and the cork, extracting it,” said Lambert.

Lambert’s version of the product did pop the bottle a few seconds faster, but with the Vino Pop only costing $19.99, it was very similar.

“It’s pretty good. It holds up to the test,” said Lambert.