More than likely, your house is already decorated for Christmas, but if you need a last-minute addition to your display, this week’s Test It Tuesday product might be the answer. The Window Wonderland, made by The Star Shower, is a “revolutionary” new projector that claims to transform regular windows into dazzling displays!

Inside the box, we found the Window Wonderland projector and a large screen, which we were instructed to cut to fit the window.  Once we measured and cleaned the window, we hung up the screen using velcro hook-and-loop fasteners, which were also included.

Then, depending on the window, it was time to decide if we wanted the display to be vertical or horizontal.  This also determines how far the projector should stand from the screen.  We initially tried the horizontal display, but we quickly realized this was not going to work because of the thick partition dividing the windows. 

After adjusting the display several times, we could finally see a vertical picture through one of the windows.  With the click of a button, you can choose a variety of both Christmas and Halloween displays, but that was pretty much the only thing I liked about this product.

The Window Wonderland did not meet our expectations.  We had better luck with the vertical display vs. horizontal, but for us to clearly see the images, it had to be completely dark both inside and outside the house.  Even then, the video was not as bright or as crisp as the infomercial showed.  The stand was flimsy, and repositioning the projector in any way proved to be a hassle.

While I found this product in the store for $29.99, I’ve seen it for double that price elsewhere, all for one projector, one screen, and overall poor visibility.  Instead, I would recommend spending your money on more Christmas presents for your family.