If you’re doing a little summer cleaning and need some help organizing your closet, this week’s Test It Tuesday may be of assistance! The Wonder Hanger Max claims to increase your closet space by utilizing the vertical space and giving you neat, wrinkle-free clothing! But will it work wonders for Chief Meteorologist Bryan Schuerman? 

Here at WBOY, a lot of us actually keep a lot of clothing, just in case we need them at any point in time. Bryan showed us just a small sample of his wardrobe, coordinated very neatly on a rack.

“When I go on air every night, I have to be in a dress shirt, I have to be in a tie, so I keep pants, jackets, the whole nine yards. Plus, it’s really a pain to cart clothes from home to the studio every night, so it’s nice that I keep everything here,” said Bryan.

With so many clothing items, in theory, an item like this would be very helpful to be able to store more.

“It would, especially for my dress shirts because I only have eight of them on the rack. That’s about 1/4 of the dress shirts that I keep, so this will be interesting to see how it works, especially with a number of dress shirts that I keep,” said Bryan.

So we tried a few of the pieces out on a garment rack! In the end, we about doubled our closet space! 

“I like it. I was a little skeptical at first because when I saw how these things folded down, I was wondering if my clothes were going to hit the floor. These didn’t. I really like how this worked out,” said Bryan.

I asked Bryan if this could, potentially, cause his clothes to be more wrinkled.

“Not if you don’t cram anything in your closet. You’ve got some space between these, but if you have everything close together, then yeah, it might get a little wrinkled. Just give yourself adequate space. There was 10 in a box for these, so I can put another three or four up here and still hang everything and probably still have enough space to keep everything neat,” said Bryan.

I asked Bryan if he’d recommend this for the average consumer.

“This would be a product, especially for those ladies like yourself that have a lot of dresses, and you don’t have a lot of space to work with if you’re in a small apartment,” said Bryan.

The Wonder Hanger Max comes in a pack of 10 for $14.99.