FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Main Street Fairmont named a new executive director on Wednesday.

.Tim Liebrecht will be taking over the roll on March 16. Liebrecht came to West Virginia back in 2014, working for First Exchange Bank, and has lived and worked in Fairmont ever since.

The goal of Main Street Fairmont is to foster economic vitality and improving the Downtown Fairmont’s life. Liebrect believes, Fairmont’s downtown is full of opportunity, and already has many ideas in mind to help modernize and expand the area, to make it a more desirable place for people to visit, live and work in.

“I know that I have really developed a passion for Fairmont over the last six years. This was just a perfect opportunity to merge what I do every single day in the downtown development space,” said Liebrect.

He said in this new position, he hopes he can be more effective in making a change to the downtown Fairmont area, because he can have a closer relationship with multiple more organizations.

Liebrecht is originally from Michigan, and he plans to bring ideas from outside of West Virginia, and utilize them as an advantage.

For more information on Main Street Fairmont, or for contact information, you can visit their Facebook page, or website.