CBD is legal in West Virginia, but WBOY TV recently learned that if you’re taking it, you could fail a drug screening.

It’s everywhere you look from bath bombs to oils to sparkling water, all kinds of products contain CBD. It claims to help people will all sorts of aliments.  

Several varieties of the oil have only a trace amount of THC, the compound in marijuana that causes a high. 

CBD oil can’t get you high but can potentially be troublesome in a drug screening.

Dr. James Berry, WVU Medicine said, “It is possible to test positive for THC if THC is in that particular batch of CBD oil. That’s where I warn people, buyer beware, despite what the label on that bottle says you don’t know exactly what is in there. There could be THC or there could be any other product that could be harmful for you”

Richard Fredrick said he would have liked such warning.  A family member suggested he take CBD oil for his knee and shoulder pain. He used it for about a month.

Following a drug screening for a new job, the results left him numb. 

Richard explained his first reaction was, “No way. Not for me. I was upset.”

The product ingredient label on the Plain Jane CBD oil showed no THC. But on the company website, a disclaimer said CBD can cause positive results in screenings. 

Richard said, “It was the only thing in my life that had changed. I started using the oil when I was in physical therapy and that’s the only thing that could have caused it.” 

A web-based company that tests nutritional supplements, including CBD, said up to 10 percent of users test positive for THC when using the oil.

“First, they may be taking different CBD, they may be taking different doses. But also, people metabolize drugs very differently.  You can have someone who tests positive and someone who doesn’t. I’d say there is a about a one in ten chance you can test positive for CBD if you are taking CBD,” said Consumerlab.com President Tod Cooperman.

WBOY News discovered there are some CBD products that are THC-free, but wholesalers claim those oils are not nearly as effective as ones containing THC.