FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The Marion County Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) has been working on a project for a while to encourage remote or self-employed workers to move and live in Marion County.

This program is called “Marion Remote.” The chamber said Marion County is a four seasons kind of place to live, with things to do indoors, outdoors, good local eats, beer, and so much more. They want to use this to their advantage and get more young employees to the area to set up shop.

“We don’t want to change Marion county per-say, we love Marion county as it is. However, we want to share Marion county with everyone that we can,” said Chairman of the Chamber Board, Jonathan Board. “There are some obvious benefits, but most of all, we want to help people, and we want to share what we think is the greatest county in the state with the entire country.”

West Virginia residents are fortunate to explore rural and urban areas that offer natural landscapes, but people can also get to major cities such as Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., in a few hours’ drive. They also have access to several airports in other cities across the country.

MCCC has been working with other Marion county organizations to raise funding for the program that has allowed them to get a video put together highlighting all the awesome features that should be released on its YouTube page in about a month.

To see how you can get involved visit Marion County Chamber of Commerce, or call (304)-363-0442 for more information.