Marion County Prosecuting Attorney dispels internet rumors of violence involving motorcycle clubs


FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Marion County Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Freeman released a statement Friday in reference to rumors on Facebook about an “imminent war between rival motorcycle clubs.”

In the statement, Freeman said that following the frenzied spread of misinformation on Facebook and social media, he does not have and has never had any information indicating an imminent “war” between any rival motorcycle clubs. Freeman also said that no law enforcement agency in Marion County has received, confirmed or released any such information.

“I’m aware of some rumors particularly on social media sites that there was a large number of affiliated bikers coming to the Fairmont area based on last weekend at the BFS Foods out in White Hall. I cannot confirm if that is accurate or not, but it is the subject of pretty rampid speculations at this point and time. We don’t expect that. I don’t even know that it’s been determined as credible information, but it is out there and it has basically spread like wildfire due to social media and the rapid dissemination of rumors on those sites,” said Freeman.

Freeman also stated that the misinformation that is currently spreading on social media also references a Deputy United States Marshal. Freeman said the misinformation was not disseminated by the Marshal or the United States Marshals Service. The USMS has not gathered any information regarding the matter and is not active in the criminal investigation of the events that occurred in White Hall on August 3 at the BFS Foods, according to the release.

“Because of the nature of the rumors and the vast number of posts of things on social media about it certainly law enforcement has looked to the fact on rather that could confirm those rumors and I know of no credible information that confirms it. I’ll caution any of the viewers just like I’ll caution my own family, which made it on a screenshot kind of a post referencing myself giving a message,” Freeman explained.

“That message was if you see a congregation of bikers, which was the alleged rumor that we’ve heard, congregated at any particular place it may be best to avoid them just as a matter of caution,” said Freeman. “It certainly isn’t based on any of the law enforcement information that we have, but if people are concerned about that just avoid those situations and things we be just fine.”

“We do not have any indication that there is or has been a war between rival fractions of any sort. We don’t expect that and again there are no law enforcement warnings to the public or any entities that that is imminent at this time.”

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