FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Following tornadoes that ripped through parts of Kentucky on Dec. 10, 3 Rivers Iron and Metal is accepting metal for donations to help those who lost valuables.

Residents were encouraged to bring any scrap metal to the business located on Virginia Avenue in Fairmont. Ordinarily, 3 Rivers would buy the metal off customers, which it would then recycle into other materials. Now, customers can choose to donate a part or all of the money given for the metal to help people in Kentucky who are rebuilding their lives. Barry Bledsoe, the operations officer at 3 Rivers Iron and Metal, said that the company has already been in contact with a few organizations that provide aid to families.

“Kentucky is our neighbor and West Virginians are helping people, so we step up when we need to,” said Bledsoe. “People stepped up for us when we had floods. We need to step up for them in the same situation.”

Bledsoe said that there was no deadline for when donations would stop being given. He went further to say that 3 Rivers will continue to give donations until help is no longer needed.