FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Amazon’s decision to end the AmazonSmile program will be leaving a large impact on many nonprofits nationally and locally. One of the local nonprofits that will be impacted is the Marion County Humane Society, which is in the process of building and funding its new facility.

“Every penny counts. It really does and that’s what you really hear people say all the time, but its the truth,” Marion County Humane Society Shelter Director Jonna Spatafore said. “I try to let everybody know that five dollars can make an impact.”

While the Marion County Humane Society won’t see a huge impact from the services ending, it will still be a blow to lose some passive income.

“It’s nice to have passive ways to fundraise,” Spatafore said. “Would we love to see someone hand us a million dollars and it’s taken care of? Of course, but it’s not going to happen.”

Spatafore said that it’s sad for the program’s services to come to an end not just for them, but for other nonprofits as well.

“It was really kind of disappointing to see it ending,” Spatafore said. “It was a wonderful idea and I wish someone else would come up with an idea just like it.”

The Marion County Humane Society is looking to open the new facility within the next few months and is still looking for funds or other donations to help them out. They plan on holding fundraisers in the near future as well.

“We’re looking at having a couple of bingos, an elimination dinner and have a booth at the Main Street Marketplace,” Spatafore said. “Donations to us are always appreciated.”

If you’d like to donate to the group, more information can be found here.