BARRACKVILLE, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Barrackville Police Department is looking for donations to help its K-9 program. 

In May, Chief Charles Wilson announced he wanted to retire the department’s current K-9 named Reudiger and train another. 

Barrackville Police Department to retire K-9, train another (Courtesy: Facebook Barrackville Police Department)

K-9 Reudiger is an eight-year-old German Shepard trained in narcotic detention, soft searches and patrol and apprehension. He has been with the Barrackville Police Department for six years.

Chief Wilson has started a donation program to cover training and maintenance costs for the new K-9.

According to the department’s Facebook page as of June 14, it had raised $4,500. The post said, “this is a long way from the goal we are trying to reach but it is an amazing start.”

Donations can be mailed to Chief Charles Wilson III Barrackville Police Department PO Box 26 Barrackville, WV 26559 RE: K-9 Training/Program or they can be made over the phone by calling 304-366-9372.