FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Two Marion County High Schools are dealing with bug issues.  

Staff and students from Fairmont Senior High School were told to check themselves for bed bugs after they leave school.  

Superintendent of Marion County Schools Donna Hage said they received a report that Fairmont Senior High School had bed bugs on Wednesday. She said they contacted an exterminator that will come in on the weekend for cleaning and treatment. Until the exterminator visits, they closed and isolated the rooms that were affected.  

This comes after East Fairmont High School also had a bed bug problem at the beginning of September. Hage said that the exterminator visited East Fairmont High School over Labor Day weekend and cleaned and treated the school.  

Hage said they notified the parents at East Fairmont High School when the problem happened, and the same protocols were taken with Fairmont Senior.  

“We notified our parents because we wanted them to be able to look for those (bed bugs) on their students’ items and just make them aware out of an abundance of caution, just check their students’ items and we’ll be treating it at the school,” Hage said. 

An administrator at East Fairmont High School said on Thursday that they do not currently have a bed bug problem at the school. 

Fairmont Senior High School Principal Jim Green deferred comment to the superintendent.