FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Primary election unofficial results rolled in late Tuesday night. Marion County saw a 25% voter turnout to decide on several races.   

After the votes were cast, the Marion County Clerk said the counting went well, even though they all had to use brand new machines for this election.   

Marion County Polling Place (WBOY Image)

“I really want to thank the poll workers again for the phenomenal job that they have done because with brand new machines all the protocol was brand new. They did a phenomenal job in getting the results back here in a timely manner and keeping everything running,” said Julie Kincaid, the Marion County Clerk.

Kincaid simultaneously facilitated the counting for the election and ran her own campaign. The incumbent won the Democratic nomination for county clerk in the primary and is unopposed on the Republican side for the November election. It’s Kincaid’s first-time campaigning since she was appointed to the clerk position last year.   

“I feel really great. I’m thrilled that the voters in Marion County have spoken, and they’ve made me their choice. I’m blessed to continue to do this for another six years. I positively love my job, and I wanted nothing more than to continue doing it,” Kincaid said.   

Sticking with the Democratic side, the nomination of the Marion County Commissioner West Augusta went to Michael Angelucci. He previously served in the House of Delegates for District 50 from 2018 to 2020. He noted his past political experience will be a vital part if he secures the seat in November.   

“Winning the Democratic nomination also means I have to continue to campaign and continue to show the people of Marion County what my vision is, and my vision is to create jobs, economic development, helping with healthcare,” Angelucci said.  

Angelucci will face Republican nominee Robert Devaul for the Marion County Commission West Augusta seat in November. 

For the Republican side, Michael Oliverio secured the nomination for the 13th Senatorial District. He previously served in that same seat from 1995 to 2011. After nearly 10 years out of politics to raise a family and grow a business, he said he’s ready to come back and serve again.   

“I feel like there’s a renaissance occurring here in north central West Virginia, and I want to be part of that. I want to develop our healthcare systems so that we can deliver the kind of healthcare the people in our community need … With Fairmont State and Pierpont, we want to resolve that issue and bring them together so that we can move forward for everyone, and just generally, I want to see us focus, or return focus, on state government services. Everything from roads, bridges, water sewer projects, broadband, public education.”  

He said coming back to politics, he brings the years of service and a new enthusiasm to the “renaissance” in north central West Virginia.  

Oliverio will face off against Democratic nominee Barbara Evans Fleischauer for the 13th District Senatorial seat in November. 

Not all positions will have to wait until November to be filled. Three nonpartisan Board of Education seats were fully secured last night by Tom Dragich, Donna Costello and George Boyles.   

Boyles ran for the position after retiring as CAO of Grafton City Hospital in 2021. He wants to serve the community that he’s lived in for all of his life.   

“I think we can take the school system forward, and I’m a numbers guy, and so it’s a $105 million budget, and I’m going to make sure we’re spending the money appropriately for the kids of Marion County,” Boyles said. “I want to make sure that the kids, when they go across the stage to graduate, that we’ve given them the best education that they can get.” 

Boyles father’s campaign card

Boyles has a family history serving Marion County. His father served on the Board of Education from 1966 to 1996. Boyles kept his father’s campaign card in his pocket during the counting process to have a piece of him there.

“He’s an inspiration to me, and he will always be an inspiration to me,” Boyles said.  

Boyles, Dragich and Costello will begin serving on the board of education this year.   

Additionally, all three levies passed for the Parks and Recreation Department, Marion County Public Library and the Marion County Bus Transportation.