FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Students across Marion County got a look at their futures.  

On Tuesday, students in grades 5 through 12 attended a career fair in the Fairmont Senior High School Field House.  

Fairmont Senior Field House (WBOY Image)

Nearly 30 businesses, industries, military recruiters and higher education institutes set up booths to familiarize students with their options after graduation.  

“We wanted to give this opportunity for our students so that they can see that there are other opportunities out there that maybe the school counselors haven’t hit upon, or maybe our school counselors have done a great job with, and they’ve talked to them about it, and they’ve heard about this, and now, we have some of this tie in with what we’re doing with our career fair,” said LD Skarzinski, Marion County Administrative Assistant. 

The younger fifth-grade students were welcomed at the career fair to start to “hammer home” the career exploration opportunities that the board of education values.  

“We start it with a career fair, and we carry it out with what they’ve already previously got at school with their counselor with their teachers and so forth … We look at it as an opportunity for our students to gain knowledge for occupations and careers in this area, because obviously, we want to keep our kids in the area but obviously, there’s opportunities in other areas too,” Skarzinski said.  

This was the first county-wide career fair the Marion County Board of Education has held. Skarzinski said they plan to hold the county-wide career fair annually in the future.