FAIRMONT, W.Va. – In celebration of National Nurses Week, Fairmont Medical Center planted a burning bush on Thursday, to represent the roots the nurses have planted in the community so far, as well as the growth that is yet to come.

The idea came about when the recruitment and retention council got together and discussed what all they could do for nurses week. One of the nurses brought up the idea of planting a shrub, which was well received by the entire council, so they brought the idea to life.

Last year, the medical center buried a time capsule on its first anniversary in the community. This burning bush was planted right behind the capsule so that it will grow by the time the capsule is ready to be opened. It will be opened in 25 years, to see where the nursing staff and hospital were in the middle of a global pandemic.

There were two nurses that spoke about planting of the shrub. Connie Johnston and Laura Mileto were both employees at the former Fairmont Hospital before it closed. Johnston talked about the importance of the shrub and how it represents how hard all of them work for the community.

Mileto said, “So both of us were here at the former Fairmont Hospital, and to see the growth from where we were two years ago to now, to experience that closure, experience that heartache, and then be lucky enough to be part of the re-opening crew and witness the growth we’ve experienced thus far and what’s coming in the future.”

The Fairmont Medical Center will be celebrating its second anniversary on June 30. Also, in the coming year, the center will be re-opening its second floor as a skilled nursing unit. After that, it will be re-opening operating and procedure rooms, and continuing with its never-ending growth.