FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The LIFE United Methodist Church of Fairmont is giving back to its community.  

On Tuesday, church and United Methodist Foundation officials presented a check for $4,225 to the West Virginia Rescue Ministries – Union Mission of Fairmont. The check covered part of the cost to build a new roof on a shed for the mission.  

Presenting the check. Left to Right: Richard Toothman- United Methodist Foundation Representative, Dr. Rayman Richardson – Secretary LIFE United Methodist Men, Ray Urse – construction foreman LIFE United Methodist Men, Rev. Larry Buckland Pastor of LIFE United Methodist Church, Pastor George Batten – Executive Director Union Mission Fairmont and Pastor Jeff Benedict – Pastor Union Mission Fairmont.  (WBOY Image)

The roof was constructed entirely by a group of volunteers from the LIFE United Methodist Church. 

Union Mission officials said the roof of the shed had been in poor condition for several years. 

The shed in the back of the Union Mission Fairmont with a new roof (WBOY Image)

“The fact that we now have a usable storage shed is important, but the impact emotionally for all of our residents that come with brokenness and looking at dilapidated building doesn’t give them much hope, but when they look at something that’s been improved then they get the idea ‘hey, I can change, I can get better from here,’” Pastor George Batten, Executive Director of Union Mission of Fairmont said.  

Construction of the roof took nearly eight weeks to complete. 

“We’re more than just a building or a space, the church is the people, and we’ve learned that so much living through a pandemic is how can we realized that whatever the worst thing is that it shouldn’t be the last thing and that we try to help people no matter what we do,” Larry Buckland, Pastor if LIFE United Methodist Church said.  

The $4,225 check to help fix the roof (WBOY Image)

Pastor Buckland has been finding several ways to give back to the community during the pandemic. LIFE United Methodist Church volunteers also give out Lunches every Tuesday and Wednesday to the Union Mission. The church also donated a check to the Disability Action Center for $10,000 back in September to help them get into a new facility.  

“We really believe the church is about being not just a member of the community but being a part of the community, and what better way to celebrate our resources than giving back to it,” Pastor Buckland said. “So, that’s what we want to be is a good neighbor. Jesus said, ‘love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength but love your neighbor as yourself’.”