FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Thirty-eight potential cases of coronavirus have been tested and found negative in West Virginia, but that didn’t stop some churches in the area from conducting services Sunday morning.

Congregation members were practicing safe measures with washing hands and having minimal contact in small groups.

Trinity United Methodist Church life servant Royce Lyden stated the congregation felt it was important to come together during this time.

“We want to explain to our congregation what’s going on in the world today,” said Lyden. “Make sure they have a full understanding of it and what we can do to stay safe during this time period and how we can be helpful to one another during this time period.”

Trinity United Methodist Church will decide in the upcoming week if they will continue to keep their doors open during this time.

There is still currently one case awaiting the results of tests for the virus.  For more information on the coronavirus, you can check out this website.