FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Despite rumors to the contrary, the City of Fairmont’s Water Department has no plans to shut off water for anyone who has lapsed in payment during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to David Sago, manager of Fairmont Utilities, since the City of Fairmont came out with its announcement stating that all water shutoffs have been discontinued, he has no knowledge of anyone in the city being without water due to nonpayment.

The announcement, posted on the City of Fairmont’s Facebook page follows

Sago also stated that anyone whose service was discontinued as a result of nonpayment prior to the coronavirus pandemic can call the City of Fairmont to have their service returned to them for the duration of the outbreak.

Even though customers will not have their service discontinued due to nonpayment during this time, the water department is still calling those who are delinquent to inform them of their past-due bills and that they should try to make arrangements to pay whatever is possible to avoid shutoff once the pandemic is over, Sago said.

Sago also stated that there are currently 210 people who have water service who should have had it shut off due to nonpayment, but that his office will not shut their water off for the duration of the pandemic or pressure them to pay.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the suspension of shutoffs for nonpayment may call the City of Fairmont at 304-366-6211.