MANNINGTON, W.Va. – Officials in Mannington are moving forward with efforts to get cameras for the city.  

Mannington City Hall (WBOY Image)

On Wednesday, the Marion County Commission approved of the city’s leaders to apply for a grant from Senator Joe Manchin’s office and Homeland Security. The Mayor of Mannington, Lora Michael, said they are asking for $70,000 to try and replace the cameras they already have with high-tech versions.  

Marion County Commissioner, Randy Elliott is excited about the possibilities of cameras in a small community where he says it’s very hard to get policemen.  

“It’s tough for the small communities to maintain police officers … I admire them and I think that they do a wonderful job; there’s just not enough of them,” Elliott said. “With what’s going on nationwide affects all of us, but it comes all the way down to our counties and our cities. Police officers don’t get the respect that they should get, in my opinion. It’s a shame, and I don’t like that, but we do all we can to have as many police officers as we need in our communities, but when we don’t, then sometimes the solution might be surveillance cameras to keep an eye on what’s going on in our communities.” 

Elliott praised Michael, for going after the grant money.