MANNINGTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — The city of Mannington is working to bring back one of its most iconic features.  

Mayor Lora Michael spoke at a Marion County Commission meeting about rebuilding one of the city’s swinging bridges. The plans include building the bridge to connect the city’s south side district to Water Street.  

Mannington’s two swinging bridges were torn down years ago for safety reasons, according to Michael. She said she’s been planning to bring them back for a while now as part of the city’s way of cleaning up and bringing back some of the past. 

“I think we’re known for that swinging bridge,” Michael said. “There are kids that walked across that bridge to get their daisy scout badge for bravery and I think that it’s something that’s unique to us.” 

Not only will bringing back the bridge revitalize history but will allow for a more convenient safety route in emergencies. 

The creek that runs parallel to Water Street in Mannington (WBOY Image)

“If it floods, we can get to the south side on a footbridge where they’re not going to be able to drive into that area on a good flood and we flood quite often here,” Michael said.  

Mayor Michael said it will cost around $50,000 for one bridge. If funding is secured, the plans include working with West Virginia-based company, Appalachian Bio Kilns, to use its black locust wood for the bridge.

“Black Locust is the best wood for building. It doesn’t rot, it stays perfect. It doesn’t bend. It doesn’t sway, warp, anything,” Michael said to the commissioners during the meeting.  

The Marion County Commissioners did not commit to any financial contributions during the meeting.