FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The Colonel Morgan Morgan Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, known as the DAR, celebrated its 100th Anniversary with tea at Pricketts Fort on Saturday. 

In attendance were the state officers of DAR and the mayor of Fairmont to present a proclamation to the group. The Colonel Morgan Morgan Chapter of the DAR gave the history of their chapter and had a memorial for their charter members. 

“Whether we are decedents of men who fought in the war or women who have aided in the war, we represent those people today, and by going into the community, and by helping veterans whether it is donating afghan blankets to the VA, whether its just thanking them for their service,” said Mara Squires, Vice Regent of the Colonel Morgan Morgan Chapter in Fairmont.  

The DAR said it’s an honor to the legacy of Colonel Morgan Morgan who came to Marion County in the 1700’s and was a revolutionary patriot. Those daughters in attendance added honoring their ancestors is important and to show their patriotism.  

“Being a Daughter of the DAR is a sense of pride, I mean, I love giving to my community. I love preserving the American history. I love helping educate others and furthering our mission statement,” Squires said.  

The Colonel Morgan Morgan Chapter of the DAR started with 26 members in 1922. Members of the DAR stated that a lot of those early members were descendants of Colonel Morgan Morgan.  

“We are always looking for members, the Colonel Morgan Morgan Chapter is actively looking for members. You have to be female of 18 years or older, a descendent of a patriot or somebody who gave aid during the American Revolution, and we’re always here to help you,” Squires said.  

The group also added that many veterans, especially those of the Vietnam War, go unacknowledged and that they are working to acknowledge them.