County Commissioners sign ordinance to help Marion County Emergency Service revenue


Marion County Commissioners came together Wednesday morning, as they signed Ordinance No. 2019-01 to ammend Ordinance 03-01, the Marion County Enhanced Emergency Telephone System rate per month.

Ordinance number 2019-1 would help the Marion County 911 Center through the already established tax-based funding of cell phones and house phones.

The ordinance will allow the $2.25 monthly home phone rate to equalize the existing $3.34 cell phone rate, bringing more operational revenue in for the emergency service center.

“Right now we are just making enough money to operate and every year utilities increase, things increase, health care/ health insurance increases. This will allow us to have enough money to do that and continue to have spare equipment, parts and maintenance on the equipment and all that.” said Chris McIntire, director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and 911.

Officials plan for changes to go into effect by July 1st of this year.

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